About Us

Who is T.U.F?

A community of gamers grinding through the night to unlock one achievement…new limits. (And massive kill counts…of course) With increased mental endurance, heightened focus, improved reaction time and enhanced spatial awareness you can push past your limits as well.

What is T.U.F?

We are more than just an energy drink, we are that perfect headshot, the trick up your sleeve, we are your left click….we are what pushes you past casual and into the realm of professional.

What do we believe?

Our formula isn’t JUST a caffeine boost, it is tailored to provide top tier stimulation with specific ingredients to target mental fatigue. So you can keep your top tier gameplay going for longer and laser every noob. While enjoying every sip of our taste bud fragging flavors and maintaining complete transparency…you won’t find any “proprietary blends” here.